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We help realize the performance you’ve already paid for.

You’ve invested thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars on your audio system. But are you hearing everything you’ve already paid for?

At Hi-Fi Foundations, we could have assembled a brick & mortar store with acoustically-perfect demo rooms and carefully selected stacks of components and loudspeakers, but there’s a lot of those around and we’re not aiming to be “just another audio store.” Chances are, you probably spent a fair amount of time in demo rooms. Much of what you own was probably previewed in demo rooms, but you know your system doesn’t sound much now like it did when you decided to buy it. In some cases it might sound better, but for most of us, our listening room doesn’t live up to the promise.

If all the gear is the same, then why does it sound so different at home? Some dealers will tell you the solution to your dissatisfaction is to buy better components. Bigger amps. A better player, or even a newer pair of speakers — but deep down we all know that wouldn’t solve the problem. The differences you perceive between your system and the one in the demo room are foundational ones. Ones that Hi-Fi Foundations specializes in identifying and correcting. Unlike those other guys, we won’t upsell you on new amps or speakers – we’ll unlock the performance that lives inside the gear you’ve already paid for!

“Better sound without new gear? Huh?” You might wonder how we plan to accomplish this amazing feat… Bear with us, and we’ll explain.

At Hi-Fi Foundations, we believe they key to optimal system performance is laid in the foundation.

Laying the foundation for ultimate system performance.

What foundation?

At Hi-Fi Foundations, we believe that foundations are critical. A proper foundation enables, enhances and empowers everything that rests upon it. A poor foundation has the opposite effect. More often than not, our audio systems suffer for want of a proper foundation.

But what is the foundation of an audio system? Is it the speakers? The source components? The amplifiers? Are any of these the key to achieving the finest audio reproduction? Surely these have some say in the matter, but are any of them the foundation? Not really. Much like the doors and windows on your house, you can replace the speakers as often as you like. Like the siding, you can swap in and out source components. Like the carpet, you can roll in new amplifiers. All of these things will have an effect on the appearance and pleasure you get from your house, but if the foundation isn’t true, sooner or later it will become apparent that something is sorely amiss.

At Hi-Fi Foundations, we believe that the foundation of high-fidelity audio reproduction is a mix of three essential, synergistic elements:

  1. Room acoustics & system setup
  2. Power & signal delivery
  3. Resonance control

The foundational approach

Despite the fact that your system will never sound exactly like it did in the demo room, we know that it’s possible to make it sound as good or even better in your room. How? By evaluating your system and enabling you to try our proven foundational upgrades in your home. Rather than ask you to come to our showroom, we’re going to make a showroom out of your room — to give your components center stage in the environment they know best. After all, that’s where you do your listening. Why would you be expected conduct the most crucial test of any upgrade anywhere else?

To us, you’re not just a customer

You’re a fellow enthusiast trying to make the most of what you’ve got. We don’t want to just sell you stuff. We want to get to know you, to appreciate your system, to know your concerns and your desires for it, and only then to make a tailored suggestions for improving the listening experience. We want to build a lasting partnership with you — one resulting in greater listening enjoyment and satisfaction than you’ll get by “going it alone.”

Realizing potential

Above all else, we desire to help you realize the potential of your system. You paid good money for these components and they should perform accordingly! You deserve to hear them at their very best. As we get the proper foundational improvements in place, we promise you will hear significant improvements in power, agility, pacing, and dynamics of the music you love — in short, you’ll finally be getting your true “money’s worth” out of your system. We think you’ll be amazed at what it can do.

Beyond the foundation

Once the proper foundation is laid and your current system’s true potential is realized, you will probably start considering which components or even speakers you want to upgrade next to take your system to a whole new plateau of performance. We don’t blame you, we would too! And you can rest easy knowing that with the proper foundation in place, you’re going to get way more “bang for your buck” out of any new component.

Wherever your system is at, whatever your system needs, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. If we can’t help you acquire what you want, we promise to do our best to refer you to someone who can. After all, we’re all in this together, just like family.

Our values

Hi-Fi Foundations is built upon a foundation of integrity, honesty, and relationship. Let us earn your trust today.

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