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Introducing Loan To Own

We believe that a custom-tailored approach to system tuning yields the best results over time. Unlike those big box outfits, we’ll never try to push our “sales stock” on you just because it’s crowding our shelves. Because most of our products are customizable, and because no two systems are the same, we often don’t order your products from our suppliers until you decide to buy them! Sometimes, this can lead to unwanted delays in fulfilling your order.

In this age of same-day delivery services and expedited everything, we appreciate the power and allure of instant gratification. This is why we are pleased to introduce a new way of delivering products that gives you instant gratification without sacrificing our commitment to putting the right product in your hands.

What is the Loan To Own program?

Loan To Own gives you the ability to borrow the very same demo product you previewed until your custom order is filled. This means there will be no interruption in the enjoyment of your new product from the time you pay until the order arrives!

How does it work?

Once we determine what the right product is for your needs, we’ll take your payment up front and satisfy the parts of the order that we can from our in-stock merchandise. If we do not have a perfect match in-stock, we will provide you with demo product (or products) to “fill in” for the new products you have ordered. Once your order arrives, we will check it for quality and correctness and then arrange a time to deliver it to you.

Are there Rules or Restrictions I should be aware of?

Of course, but they’re pretty simple:

  1. Loan To Own is a program for Customers who have established a good standing with us. (This just means you’ve bought from us before and the transaction went smoothly). New Customers’ eligibility for Loan To Own will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Upon receipt of their ordered goods, Customer agrees to surrender to Hi-Fi Foundations all Demo Product or Products currently on loan to them as part of the Loan To Own transaction, regardless of condition or ability to function.
  3. If the Demo Product or Products are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear (such determination to be made by Hi-Fi Foundations), Customer agrees that Hi-Fi Foundations may, at their sole discretion, invoice Customer for the full, non-refundable replacement cost of the Demo Product or Products, including all transaction, shipping, and drayage fees.